Catherine recording at Hard Studios Winterthur, Switzerland

We just launched a crowdfunding campaign for the recording of the Complete Cello Works that Catherine Marie Tunnell has made at Winterthur Hard Studios in conjunction with Mode Records of New York.

The works include the cello sonata L’Exil Intérieur (with pianist, Ian Pace) and the solo works Das Andere, Lux Animae and Pre-Existing Soul of Then. All of these works have been recorded for the first time for the cello.

Other recordings for cello will be released soon in conjunction with various artists and will be released even sooner if we can raise more than the amount needed for the first disc.

As rewards for your support, we are selling limited editions of some of Radulescu’s art works as well as originals of posters of his performances including many Lucero Festival posters dating back to 1992 in Paris. Other rewards such as a variety of scores of his works at a special discount price and a documentary DVD of Radulescu can be bought on Kickstarter.

Please help us in supporting our crowdfunding campaign for the Complete Cello Works recording. In doing so, you will help Radulescu get performed more and enable the edition, Lucero Print, to make more of his works available to the general public.

Thank you for reading.

Go grab your CD on Kickstarter now !!